Entrance Course of Law

Pramuka Academy is the premier institute of modern generation for legal studies in Sri Lanka. Maintaining the superior quality of all the lectures and study materials, the institute conducts the Entrance Courses of Law for both Law college entrance and Open University Bachelor of Law (LL.B) degree entrance. In the middle of each courses we evaluate your capacity and competence through the middle term exams in order to train your speed and accuracy of writing the answers within a limited period under pressure. At the end of each exam, we award you with a reputed certificate.

Law College Entrance

What is it?

Sri Lanka Law College is the only professional body of legal education in Sri Lanka, which holds the sole authority for conducting the exams for Attorney’s-At-Law. Whatever the law degree possessed by any student, he/she has to pass the examinations of Attorneys at law held by Sri Lanka Law College each year to be enrolled as an attorney at law by the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. Students with foreign degrees should sit for all the three examinations of the three semesters and get through while those who have local degrees such as the LL.b degree provided by the law faculties of Sri Lankan Universities and that of Open University of Sri Lanka, have to sit only for the final examination of Law College to be an Attorney At Law. However, the fastest way of being a lawyer is, entering Sri Lanka Law College by getting through the Law College Entrance exam, held each year in August or September.

Qualifications required?

Every candidate who has
A. Credit (C ) pass for Sinhala/Tamil and English at GCE O/L
B. Three passes for GCE A/L Is qualified to sit for the Law College entrance exam.

Structure of the exam?

Law college entrance examination consists of three papers.
1. General Knowledge (GK)
2. Intelligent Questions (IQ/GI)
3. Language (Sinhala/Tamil or English)
If any student wishes to sit for the language paper in Sinhala or Tamil medium, he/she should do the GK and IQ papers in English medium. On the other hand, if any student wishes to sit for the language paper in English medium, he/she should do the GK and IQ papers in Sinhala/Tamil medium.


LL.B Degree Entrance

LL.B degree, Bachelor Of Laws of full form in English and Legum Baccalaureus of full form in Latin is an undergraduate degree in law (or a first professional degree in law, depending on jurisdiction) originating in England and offered in most common law jurisdictions. The Law faculties of Sri Lankan universities offer the LL.B degree to the university students who are selected to the Law faculties with high Z scores for A/L examination. Now, the Open University of Sri Lanka also offers the LL.B degree to those who successfully finish the degree program conducted by the OUSL. After this degree, students are required to sit for the final examination of Sri Lanka Law College and then students can undergo the 6 months apprentice period under a senior lawyer and get enrolled as an attorney at law in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. Students are selected to this degree program through a selection test held every year in February. This is the LL.B degree entrance examination.

Qualifications required.

Every candidate who has
A. Three passes for GCE A/L
B. Or completed any diploma course which are recommended by the OUSL
Is qualified to sit for the LL.B degree entrance examination

Structure of the exam?

LL.B degree-entrance examination paper consists of three modules.
4. General Knowledge (GK)
5. Intelligent Questions (IQ/GI)
6. Language (Sinhala/Tamil or English)


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